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Jesus said even though this world will give us trouble, take heart-because He has overcome the world. He did this by giving His life to set us free from the false loves we think we need, like beauty, material things, money, popularity, or success. We believe and attest to the fact that Jesus has changed our lives forever, and His love is unlike anything you will ever experience. We don't care if you come to our church or not. We care that you truly encounter Love itself, Jesus Christ, and never look back.


Thanks for taking an interest in our community! Hope is for anyone from any background, but we are especially excited to meet new people and new generations. So please let us know if you'd like to visit or if we can introduce you to some of the excellent people of Hope. You can email us at

Looking forward to meeting you,

Pastor Paul Sorensen


What's New

What's New

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join us! 

at the corner of 19th ave and jomax rd.

 26525 N 19th Ave
Phoenix AZ 85085

Worship every Sunday at 10:30 am
Childcare and Children’s ministry available


Join Us

Join Us



Phone: 623.565.8076
Fax: 623.565.8046

Worship ON Sunday Morning @ 10:30am
26525 N 19th Ave
PHOENIX, az 85085


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If your question isn't here, contact us!

Q_Where is Hope Church located?

A_We are located at 26525 N 19TH AVE PHOENIX AZ 85085 on the corner of 19th Ave and Jomax Rd, near the Shops at Norterra. Worship starts @10:30AM every Sunday. 

Q_How should I dress for worship at Hope?

A_Hope is a "come as you are" church. Jeans, ties or pajamas because you literally just rolled out of bed, are equally welcomed.

Q_How should I dress for Missional Community (MC) gatherings?

A_Dress however you would if you were being invited to a friend's house to hang out or if you were headed to a family gathering. In other words, casual unless there is a specific event that an MC is doing that requires different dress.

Q_What is a Hope worship celebration like?

A_ Friendly faces, passionate worship, and biblical teaching from our pastoral staff. Children are always welcome! Nursery is provided for children up to 5 years old. Children’s ministry is available for kids in grades K-6. Once a month we hang around after worship for a Hope Family picnic and we’d love to have you join us! Email Danielle if you have any questions at

Q_What is a Missional Community gathering like?

A_Missional Communities (MCs) are best described as family gatherings of 15-30 people living life together and loving others like Jesus. Each MC is focused on a particular mission to make a Jesus-shaped impact on the world, so they are all unique. Anyone is welcome! Please click on the Missional Communities tab under the Connect heading to see more about our MCs. Other MCs may be active in our community but not yet listed, so if you have questions please email pastor Corey at

Q_ What about baptism?

A_ If you would like to be baptized or have your children baptized, we would be honored to celebrate with you! We ask everyone to attend a one hour Baptism Orientation prior to the celebration. To schedule a baptism, contact Danielle Paxton at

Q_How often do we have communion? Who can participate?

A_We celebrate communion the third Sunday of every month. All who wish to receive Jesus’ saving grace are welcome to receive communion. Parents, we leave it up to you to decide when and how your child is ready to receive communion. If you have questions, please contact pastor Bill at

Q_What denomination is Hope affiliated with?

A_Hope is a member of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). But you don't have to be Lutheran to be part of our community. Everyone is welcome! Believer, unbeliever, seeker, skeptic - whoever you are, you are welcome. 


We operate strongly under the theological premise known as "Adiophora"-in other words, in the essentials unity, in the non-essentials, liberty. Go to Our Beliefs page for more info.